26th Annual Acton
Summer Camp Fair

26th Annual  ACTON SUMMER CAMP FAIR - 2019

Merriam PTO – Acton, Massachusetts


September 2018


Dear Camp Director,


I hope you had a fun and successful 2018 summer season. To help you promote your 2019 Summer Program, the Merriam School PTO invites you to reserve a table at our 26th Annual Summer Camp Fair in Acton, Massachusetts. The fair will be held on Thursday, January 24, 2019 from 5:00 - 8:00 p.m. at the Parker Damon Building, home to both Merriam and McCarthy-Towne Schools. 


The camp fair committee strives to ensure attendance from diverse prospective campers and their parents.  Our marketing efforts span the school district, sending over 300 families with students reaching all grade level families in Acton.  This coupled with town and surrounding community marketing, in addition to a long standing successful fair history, has proven to be a successful marketing strategy for us.  We once again expect over 300 families from Acton, Boxborough and the surrounding communities to attend.


Register Early – Our successful “Pick Your Location” is being offered again this year.  Table location is based on the order your registration form & check or Paypal payment is received. Each completed registration is logged upon receipt. Email confirmation and attached floor plan is sent out so you can choose your own table location. 


Table Location is key, so the sooner you complete your registration the sooner you can select your most desired location. So don’t miss out on this great opportunity to promote your camp.


Please see attached “Schedule of Services and Fees” to answer all your questions regarding what marketing opportunities this camp fair has to offer.


If your schedule does not permit you to represent your camp in person, we will include your brochures in our Trade Show Bags for a fee (Bronze or Gold membership includes Literature Distribution).  Send us 300 brochures and the first 300 families through the door are guaranteed to have your camps marketing materials.   This is a camp fair you do not want to miss.


I look forward to working with you to make the 2019 Acton Summer Camp Fair and your camps marketing goals a huge success! Please email merriamcampfair@gmail.com with any questions.



Maria Pickett, Brooke Manfredi

Acton Summer Camp Fair - Parent  Volunteers


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